Saturday, 18 August 2012

Job Interviews

Job interviews. Two words that can strike fear into most people, that feeling of nervousness and absolute dread when you have to answer questions such as "So tell me a bit about yourself" and "Tell me about a time you have provided exceptional customer service". These are the type of questions that may sound simple written down, but when asked in an interview your mind goes blank and you find you can't think of anything interesting to say.

Maybe it's just me. I just don't feel comfortable in these situations where there's no guarantee of the questions you'll be asked. And what about the interviewer? Will they be pleasant and friendly, or strict and professional?

After months of applying for various jobs, I finally found myself with a couple of interviews. That's right, I ended up with two in the same week. I was nervous, as I haven't had an interview for over three years! One of them was then rescheduled and they ended up on the same day just hours apart, which worked out well really as it meant they were both over and done with on the same day.

I'd like to think they both went well. I was nervous but not too bad and the questions weren't too difficult to answer (for once). I should hear back soon so I'll update with that at some point.

Have you ever had a really good/bad interview experience?

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Photo Retouching

I've decided to start using my deviant art account again. It'll be where I post any of my photography as well as my photo retouches. If you're interested in any of this, please feel free to check it out and if you have an account yourself leave me a message to let me know you're from here!

Just to warn you now, I am still learning a lot about photo retouching so they're not quite at a professional standard yet, although I'm practising on as many images as I can using different techniques to see what works best.

My profile can be found at

Thank you for checking it out and as always, comments are appreciated :)

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Daily Make-up Products


Hello! Thought I'd do a quick post about my make-up routine and the products I use on a daily basis.

I always start by cleansing, toning and moisturising and for that I use Liz Earle. I've been using this for about 2 years now and I can honestly say it's one of the nicest cleansers I've ever used. My skin is combination/oily so I can be prone to small breakouts every now and then, but using this has helped so much. It's a lot more natural than other products and definitely less harsh on the skin. You can get this from and if you've been thinking about trying it but don't want the full size products there are travel-size kits available featuring these three products.

When that's all done I move on to foundation. I've been swapping between the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation in Ivory (£8.99 and the new Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector for combination/oily in Light (£9.99 This BB cream is my new love, it's really that good! It's oil free which helps my already oily skin and it lasts pretty well throughout the day. Definitely recommend it. After this I apply a bit of Porefessional by Benefit (£23.50 on the tops of my cheeks by my nose and also just above my nose on my forehead as these are the areas my pores are most visible. It's a little pricey and I have yet to buy the full size as I'm currently using a sample from an issue of Glamour magazine a while back! When it runs out though I'll definitely think about purchasing the full size.

Mascara is just the Colossal Volum' Express by Maybelline (£7.19 This is probably my second favourite mascara, the first being the Mascara X by MAC, which I can't seem to find on their website so it looks like it may have been discontinued :( 

The blush is one I have used for years (obviously I've bought replacements, I haven't been using the blush pictured above for years)! The shade I use is Dame (£17.50

Then finally, I pop on some lip balm (this chap stick one is my favourite, I always buy it in Strawberry). If I'm going out anywhere I'll wait a few minutes after applying and then use the Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Frosting (£7.99 and then I'm all ready to go!

It's all stored in the very bright Hello Kitty make-up bag which I got a few years ago from a shop in Barcelona. It's Tokidoki for Hello Kitty, eBay could be worth a try if you'd like a similar bag.

Let me know what your daily make-up products are in the comments below :)
Also, I just wanted to say that the links I've added in the post are just there for price and more information about the product, I hope no one thinks I'm forcing them to buy everything from Boots! I personally get the majority of my beauty items from there so it's the first website I'll link to.